Student Policies and Regulations

Student Policies and Regulations

As a university, our commitment to you is important and we therefore need regulations, policies and codes of conduct, which are designed to protect and maintain both academic quality and your rights and responsibilities as students of our university.

Dự đoán xổ số miền namYou need to be aware of their existence and their relevance to you and your studies. Alongside this, you may also have other separate arrangements with external organisations, such as the Student Loans Company, which you will need to ensure that you fully understand.

Dự đoán xổ số miền namOur academic regulations ensure that all students are treated in a fair way – from the moment you are accepted on to a course at the university, through to assessments and the qualification that you are awarded.

Dự đoán xổ số miền namYou can find out more about UCLan’s general policy documents, which together form our student contract, the basis of the contractual relationship between you and the university, below.

PG Research (Image)

PG Research

Student regulations and contract information for postgraduate research students

Dự đoán xổ số miền nam Student regulations and contract information for postgraduate research students

Student Charter (Image)

Student Charter

The student charter outlines UCLan’s and the Student’s Union’s commitment to working in partnership with students

The student charter outlines UCLan’s and the Student’s Union’s commitment to working in partnership with students


In addition to formal policies which form part of your student contract, there are a range of general policies aimed at supporting you during your time at UCLan. View these student support policies.


In line with the requirements of the Office for Students, the University’s Student Protection Plan outlines the measures in place within the University to protect the interests of students and prospective students.


In line with the requirements of the Office for Students, the University’s Student Transfer Policy outlines the necessary institutional arrangements that enable a student (taught or research) to transfer in a manner that facilitates the continuation and quality of study for all students whenever a transfer occurs.

Complaints Procedure

We hope that you are happy with your UCLan experience; if not please get in touch. Your complaint will be directed to the appropriate department and if it is not resolved to your satisfaction we will invite you to submit a formal complaint.

Red line

Providing Value for Students

Dự đoán xổ số miền namAt the University of Central Lancashire the governing body ensures that there are adequate and effective arrangements in place to provide transparency about value for money for students and for taxpayers.  we are in a strong position to add value to the fees that students pay – not just for their tuition – but for their whole experience of being at a large civic university in a small, safe city, creating positive change in their lives and in their working and living environment. We take great pride in our role as a financial anchor in the region. Our students and graduates support the sustained impact and value the University offers as a significant driver of economic, cultural and social development, offering value for money back to the taxpayer as well as to the student. As the largest employer in Preston we provide many work opportunities for our students and our local community.

Dự đoán xổ số miền namThe University’s Mission is “to create positive change in our students, staff, business partners and wider community”. We believe that this mission creates value for students in the following ways:

  • Adding value through our innovative teaching and industry links
  • Adding value through work experience opportunities and creating employability
  • Adding value through student support
  • Adding value through student engagement and governance
  • Value for money from the learning environment and external engagement
  • Travel opportunities add value to the student experience
  • Adding value in the local context

Dự đoán xổ số miền namThe following information sets out how the University finances work, where our income comes from, what we spend our money on and shows how a typical undergraduate student fee is used.

Where does our money come from?

Graph displaying breakdown of income

Two thirds of our income is from student fees (including UK, international, undergraduate and postgraduate students) and education contracts. Around 13% of our income is from funding body grants - this comes from the Office for Students and the Education & Skills Funding Agency. The remainder of our income comes from a variety of sources including research grants, investments, accommodation and business activities.

How do we spend our money?

All of our income is spent on the University to deliver teaching and learning, undertake research, deliver support services, and provide teaching, learning and research spaces as well as recreational space for our students.

Graph displaying breakdown of expenditure

Dự đoán xổ số miền namOver the last 5 years we have increasingly invested in the things we know matter to our students, the academic experience, support services, accommodation and research which delivers real world impact. Examples of these investments are:

  • Additional student support for mental health and wellbeing.
  • Our new Student Centre which will be completed in 2021. The Student Centre will be the gateway of the University and will provide all key student services within a dedicated and purpose built space to ensure our students get the best experience possible.
  • Creation of the Engineering Innovation Centre. The Engineering Innovation Centre acts as a hive of innovation, creating a spirit of collaboration and knowledge transfer between University researchers, industry experts, businesses and the very best student.

How is my student fee spent?

A typical undergraduate student fee (currently £9,250 per year) is spent in the following ways:

Infographic displaying how your student fee is spent

Red line

Partner Students

The policies outlined on this site apply to students studying at UCLan. Some of the UCLan policies are applicable to students studying at one of our UK partner institutions, whereas some are not relevant to partnership students. Please contact the partner institutionDự đoán xổ số miền nam directly for further information on the student policies applicable to the relevant partner institution.