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Dự đoán xổ số miền namFrom our beginnings as the Institute for the Diffusion of Knowledge, the University of Central Lancashire has benefitted from the generous support from individual benefactors. Philanthropic giving continues to play a fundamental role in the development of both UCLan and the students we serve.

UCLan organises a number of corporate fundraising events during the year. Find out more here about these and other UCLan events.

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UCLan's Harris Bursary Fund

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Over a third of UCLan students come from working class homes and amongst them are individuals experiencing extreme financial or social hardship. The Harris Bursary Fund was established as a charitable fund through the University of Central Lancashire Foundation to provide emergency help and to prevent these students from dropping out of higher education. The help offered is limited but nevertheless provides much needed practical support and can be the catalyst in helping the students refocus and continue in achieving their goals. Often all that is required is help with essential study related items such as text books and computer equipment. Over the last five academic years the Fund has successfully awarded help to 496 UCLan students.

A selection of students who have received help from the Harris Bursary

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The Harris Bursary Fund relies heavily on charitable donations - both personal and corporate. Donations to the Fund are eligible for Gift Aid. The University of Central Lancashire Foundation has full charitable status, however, is exempt from registration under the Second Schedule to the Charities Act 1993.

If you are a student and would like to find out if you are eligible for help from the Harris Bursary Fund you firstly need to apply to the Access to Learning Fund (ALF). If you meet the eligibility criteria the ALF team will recommend your case to the Awards Committee. For further information please see the ‘Money, advice and scholarships’ section on the student portal or contact: or 01772 892583.

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UCLan memorabilia

Proceeds from the sale of UCLan memorabilia is donated to the Harris Bursary Fund.

A full range of UCLan memorabilia is on sale daily at the Factory Shop, which is located in Essentials on the ground floor of the Students’ Union, Preston Campus.

During Graduation weeks (July and December) a selection from the range will be on sale at Preston Guild Hall and in Foster building.